Veer’s Legacy

Also, Mithun Da is another master actor that made the fans love to watch the movie. His intense eyes, voice, and dialogue delivery are simply fantastic. Zarina Khan, the beautiful young starlet who also received a Zee Cine nomination, gave an A+ performance. Jacki Shroff also pulled one of his best roles in Veer the movie. Sohail Kan recreated himself in this film, and we are looking forward to seeing his next films. We feel that Puru Raaj Kumar and Aryan Vaid did not get enough space to show their acting talents, that is why they are also on our watch-list. The lovely Neena Gupta also made the screen despite the few scenes she shone in. The supporting staff of the British officers also made the movie more realistic with their good acting.

Veer the movie has earned its place among classics such as Taras Bulba (1962) and Kranti (1981) with its explosive climax. The director, Anil Sharma, successfully brought back memories of Gadar with his unique heroic sequences acted by the talented Salman, following the in the footsteps of legends like Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. With the help of the logical script and tight edit, he deeply connected with the audience from the first scenes and in this way positively delivered the goods.

In conclusion, we love to add, that Veer cannot be possibly better than it is, with the fantastic script, and marvelous directing Veer is a pleasure to watch. The movie stood on the two feet of both a good script and directing and managed to hold our attention from the first minute until the credits. Finally, we imagine that Salman Khan was pleased with how his tale came up on the wide screen. We are sure his fans enjoyed it immensely. Veer the movie is a magnum epic that fully satisfies the viewer.

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The Drama Continues

After the intermission, the scriptwriters show their real talent, when Veer and Punya go back to India after their confrontation with the British soldier in the University Campus. From that point, the movie gets more interesting, with every scene connecting to the previous one, making the movie flow naturally. In addition, it makes sense because from the first to the last scene, the movie maintains an excellent consistency and unity of purpose. Gradually, the narration voice slows down, leaving more room for the love story to flourish. Furthermore, the final scenes of Veer the movie powerfully awaken the patriotic emotions in the audience unlike many other movies made about the Indian people revolution against British tyranny. This is in contrast to portrayals of American culture, which tend to follow quite the opposite path (source: HuffPo).

Visually, Veer the movie is outstanding, majestic, and the efforts put in its production is apparent. The cinematography, CGI, visual effects, and art direction all contributed to making a lasting impact. The elements all together create another performer in the movie. The Sajid-Wajid duo created the music for the movie, without a doubt it has some of the melodies music ever made in a movie. Sajid-Wajid successfully captured the soul of the movie with scores such as Sureeli Akhiyon Waley and Salaam Aaya.

Gulzar returns with some deeply meaningful words. No one can write another masterpiece like Humne Dekhi Hai Un Ankhon Ki Mehakati Khushboo except him. Certainly, the fans got what they have been expecting from Salman Khan and his dominant screen presence. You cannot separate him from Veer, as his exceptional performance make you forget that he is an actor playing a role. The period of where Veer is set also granted Salman a remarkable aura, which his fans came to appreciate even more. It seemed like a break from the typical outlook his fans almost got used to, crisp denim and open shirts.

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Check out a preview of “Veer”

The narration of the movie also added a powerful effect and realism to the overall plots similar to watching a documentary, but with many action scenes. The movie right off the boat starts with one of its finest scenes between Mithun Da and Salman Khan. The first song of the film with its dance sequence, Taali, also made a positive impression and it did seem similar to another dance sequence from the cult movie, Fiddler on the Roof.

In reality, the first half of Veer, contain some great scenes directed and acted perfectly. Of these, we mention the objection to religious animal sacrifice scene, the 19th century London scene, which used graphical depiction creatively, and Veer’s scene at the University where he talks back to his racist professor and the punishment he received as a results scene. However, the movie gets serious at the intermission where Veer and his brothers start the revolution against the British by fighting with several British soldiers and killing them.

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Background on the movie, “Veer”

There was an eager anticipation of the release of the movie Veer because it was a period flick about the struggle of Indian people against British rule. The revolutions, action scenes, and the epic love story all made the fans waiting in anticipation. The subject had its appeal, capturing important events in Indian history. The star of the movie, who also wrote its story, Salman Khan, was another major factor that made this film appealing for cinemagoers, as they were eager to watch their star as a freedom fighter.

All the elements gathered harmoniously to make this movie a smashing blockbuster; the movie was Salman’s ambitious project that brought him back to the top of the box office. The film also featured some of the finest Indian music and dancing. From the first few seconds to the last, the film captured the audience in awe, from historical accuracy to a masterful performance by the actors the movie did not disappoint.

In short, the film magnificently managed to impress the viewers from the first few minutes with its powerful message and well-crafted action scenes. Through the middle, the plot thickened keeping the audience glued to the screen. The movie tells the story of Pandari, a rebel tribe, which fought against British rule during the 19th century. It presents the old father-son vengeance story in a creative way with many plot twists, and it covers how was the relationship between the British ruling elite and the Rajput Kings.

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