Check out a preview of “Veer”

The narration of the movie also added a powerful effect and realism to the overall plots similar to watching a documentary, but with many action scenes. The movie right off the boat starts with one of its finest scenes between Mithun Da and Salman Khan. The first song of the film with its dance sequence, Taali, also made a positive impression and it did seem similar to another dance sequence from the cult movie, Fiddler on the Roof.

In reality, the first half of Veer, contain some great scenes directed and acted perfectly. Of these, we mention the objection to religious animal sacrifice scene, the 19th century London scene, which used graphical depiction creatively, and Veer’s scene at the University where he talks back to his racist professor and the punishment he received as a results scene. However, the movie gets serious at the intermission where Veer and his brothers start the revolution against the British by fighting with several British soldiers and killing them.

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