The Drama Continues

After the intermission, the scriptwriters show their real talent, when Veer and Punya go back to India after their confrontation with the British soldier in the University Campus. From that point, the movie gets more interesting, with every scene connecting to the previous one, making the movie flow naturally. In addition, it makes sense because from the first to the last scene, the movie maintains an excellent consistency and unity of purpose. Gradually, the narration voice slows down, leaving more room for the love story to flourish. Furthermore, the final scenes of Veer the movie powerfully awaken the patriotic emotions in the audience unlike many other movies made about the Indian people revolution against British tyranny. This is in contrast to portrayals of American culture, which tend to follow quite the opposite path (source: HuffPo).

Visually, Veer the movie is outstanding, majestic, and the efforts put in its production is apparent. The cinematography, CGI, visual effects, and art direction all contributed to making a lasting impact. The elements all together create another performer in the movie. The Sajid-Wajid duo created the music for the movie, without a doubt it has some of the melodies music ever made in a movie. Sajid-Wajid successfully captured the soul of the movie with scores such as Sureeli Akhiyon Waley and Salaam Aaya.

Gulzar returns with some deeply meaningful words. No one can write another masterpiece like Humne Dekhi Hai Un Ankhon Ki Mehakati Khushboo except him. Certainly, the fans got what they have been expecting from Salman Khan and his dominant screen presence. You cannot separate him from Veer, as his exceptional performance make you forget that he is an actor playing a role. The period of where Veer is set also granted Salman a remarkable aura, which his fans came to appreciate even more. It seemed like a break from the typical outlook his fans almost got used to, crisp denim and open shirts.

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