Veer’s Legacy

Also, Mithun Da is another master actor that made the fans love to watch the movie. His intense eyes, voice, and dialogue delivery are simply fantastic. Zarina Khan, the beautiful young starlet who also received a Zee Cine nomination, gave an A+ performance. Jacki Shroff also pulled one of his best roles in Veer the movie. Sohail Kan recreated himself in this film, and we are looking forward to seeing his next films. We feel that Puru Raaj Kumar and Aryan Vaid did not get enough space to show their acting talents, that is why they are also on our watch-list. The lovely Neena Gupta also made the screen despite the few scenes she shone in. The supporting staff of the British officers also made the movie more realistic with their good acting.

Veer the movie has earned its place among classics such as Taras Bulba (1962) and Kranti (1981) with its explosive climax. The director, Anil Sharma, successfully brought back memories of Gadar with his unique heroic sequences acted by the talented Salman, following the in the footsteps of legends like Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. With the help of the logical script and tight edit, he deeply connected with the audience from the first scenes and in this way positively delivered the goods.

In conclusion, we love to add, that Veer cannot be possibly better than it is, with the fantastic script, and marvelous directing Veer is a pleasure to watch. The movie stood on the two feet of both a good script and directing and managed to hold our attention from the first minute until the credits. Finally, we imagine that Salman Khan was pleased with how his tale came up on the wide screen. We are sure his fans enjoyed it immensely. Veer the movie is a magnum epic that fully satisfies the viewer.

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